Episode 38: Pre-Gaming

Gibby and  Pat discuss cops getting too high on the job, Natalie Wood’s disappearance, Uma Thurman’s harrowing Hollywood experiences, virtue signaling, and do the horoscope for the week.

Episode 35: Leeches and Cream

Gibby and Pat ring in the new year of Kain Trainin’ with talk about eating laundry getergent pods, leeches, The Stinky Salton Sea, and nothing else!

Episode 34: We Fear Change…

Gibby and Pat discuss chittering dolphins, recreational marijuana in California, AI generated videos, crooked mayors, and some other shit.

Episode 31: Facebook is spying on you and you need to delete it.

Gibby and Pat discuss nefarious Facebook ads, the fucking world biggest asshole Charles Manson, and runner’s diarrhea.

Episode 29: Second Season, I Guess: A Kain Train Halloween Spooktacular

Gibby and Pat rise from the dead to discuss the skeptical side of aliens, UFOs, and ghosts. We also talk about Harvey Weinstein… BOO!