Episode 31: Facebook is spying on you and you need to delete it.

Gibby and Pat discuss nefarious Facebook ads, the fucking world biggest asshole Charles Manson, and runner’s diarrhea.

Episode 29: Second Season, I Guess: A Kain Train Halloween Spooktacular

Gibby and Pat rise from the dead to discuss the skeptical side of aliens, UFOs, and ghosts. We also talk about Harvey Weinstein… BOO!

Episode 27: You Get a Gold Star

In the most disgusting episode yet- Gibby and Pat discuss amateur drug sniffing dogs, William Patrick Corrigan, Cannibal Killer Joseph Metheny, debut a new segment, take multiple poo breaks and nearly pass out from the heat!

Episode 22: BBQ Daddi

Gibby and Pat chat about some career and job things, delve into a couple of murders, discover volcano sharks, dish E3 and the future if VR , and renting BBQ dads.